Services: Annual Activities

Eid Reunion Party

The New Westminster Islamic Society organizes Eid party each year. Last year the it was celebrated at Riley Park Community Center Gymnasium. Children's event was the main attraction of the program. BC muslim community children participated in the children's event (recitation of Sura, Hamd & Nath, speech on Islamic topics etc.). It was a potuck party. All family brought their favorite dishes.

Iftar Party

Each year we organize iftar parties during the holy month of Ramadan. Last year, it was held on each Saturday at our Musallah location. Many Muslim families participated in this gathering; some families volunteered the foods for the rest. There was a religious discussion at each gathering.

Annual Picnic

The New Westminster Islamic society organizes a picnic party at a local park during the summer. All brothers and sisters with family members attend this event. There are a lot of fun activities for the children and adults.

Food and cloth drive

The New Westminster Islamic society organizes food drive for the local food bank and collects old clothings for the needy people.