Services: Funeral Funds

There is a consensus that burying a dead body and covering it is a collective obligation (fard kifayah). If some Muslims bury the dead body, it would absolve the rest of them from obligation. our ultimate goal is to look after the complete funeral process of our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Keeping this in mind, we have already bought one burial plot at White Rock and two burial plots at Chilliwalk. More burial plots at Chilliwalk are for Sale now. Each burial plot costs 550.00 CA$. No more burial plots are available at Lower Mainland. Total 700 burial plot at Chilliwalk are selling fast. If the burial plot is not purchased in advance, it would cost 1800.00 CA$ at the time of death also lots of hassles to get it on time. Our goal is to create a separate fund for the complete funeral process so that we could serve our Muslim community. Here is the cost break down for complete funeral process:

  • Burial Plot (if purchased in advance) $ 550.00
  • Interment Fee $ 670.00
  • Concrete Liner, Liner Extension, Sand and Gravel $ 614.00
  • Markers (Optional) $ 1021.85
  • Kafn and Hearse services $ 600.00
  • Miscellaneous (Gusl accessories, death certificate, etc) $ 500.00

Gusl Services are free of cost (volunteered by Muslim community or deceased relatives), the labour cost is 1.5 times higher when burial is done during weekend or holidays. Cemetery is closed for New Year day only. Right now, we do not have the complete funeral facilities but we have accesses to different Muslim organization who offer complete funeral / burial activities. Inshallah, by the grace of Allah (SWT) we would like to create our own facilities for complete funeral/burial process in near future. Please contact the listed person below to buy your own burial plot or donate towards the purchase of a burial plot for our community through the NWMIS. The Society urges our community people to come forward for this noble project. Please try your best to assist in this matter. We also request you to pass this message to everyone in our community you know.