Daily Verse

“Peace on me the day I was born, and the day I die, and the day I shall be raised alive!”

The Holy Qur'an 19:33

Our Mission

The New Westminster Islamic Society (NWMIS) has adopted a pragmatic approach to build the mosque with a cost-efficient budget. The society is looking forward to receiving donations from all Muslims. Donating money to build a Masjid for the sake of Allah is a Sadaqah Jariah (continued Charity) meaning the reward will continue to reach the donor even after his/her death. The society hopes to finance this project by:

  • Hosting fund raising dinners
  • Receiving generous donations from individual Muslims
  • Borrowing or securing the payment of money permitted under Islamic law.
  • Besides the regular prayers, this masjid inshallah will provide:
  • A school based on the study of the Quran and the Sunnah
  • Islamic education for children
  • Space for organizing community based Islamic functions
  • Activities for women and youth
  • Burial information and assistance services

Building A Mosque

Building a mosque is a long and challenging process which requires a great deal of resources, expertise, wisdom, patience and consultation. NWMIS requests your participation and contribution to this great and noble task.

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